We Speak Luxury in Every Language

Speak Intimately, Succeed Internationally.

According to Forbes, countries as far-flung as Nepal, Vietnam and Angola have seen the emergence of their first billionaires in 2013. Affluence is now a truly global phenomenon. It may still rest in the hands of a relative few, but wealth is no longer concentrated in the traditional centers of global power and commerce. LGD has made its name by presenting relevant lifestyle opportunities to prosperous consumers. Under the leadership of Len Dugow, Agency President and Chief Creative Officer, LGD has marketed over $25 billion in

residential real estate over the past 20 years and currently represents over 50 hotels and resorts around the globe. Critical to our success is our ability to deliver an effective message in an appropriate voice–linguistically, visually and culturally–to those consumers, wherever we find them. How we do this is less important than how efficiently and how effectively we do it. Rather than trying to convince you of it, we prefer to let our work speak for itself.