Target:relevant audiences through research.

Sales success depends, first and foremost, on arriving at a clear understanding of what is being sold, and a precise characterization of who is likely to buy it.

Create:persuasive messaging.

With a clear idea of who we're talking to, we craft the voice and content of your message.

Connect:with consumers at the appropriate moment.

As important as what you say is where you say it. Engaging the consumer in the right place at the right moment is critical to making the right impression.

Manage:ongoing dialogue between consumers and brand.

Brand messaging is no longer a monologue now that consumers have access to each other through social media; active participation is critical to managing brand perception.

Track:analytics, ROI and online activity.

Maximum impact at minimal cost–this is now a reasonable expectation of any client. LGD employs a suite of proprietary tools to measure the efficacy of strategy and justify every dollar spent along the way.


Branding stays on target through constant evaluation and fine tuning the message–in real time.


- Research & Discovery
– Brand Development
– Marketing Strategy
– Media Planning & Buying


- Print Advertisements
– Print Collateral
– Photoshoot Production
– Video Production
– Logo Design
– Corporate Identity
– TV & Radio
– Signage
– Promotional Items

Search Engine Optimization

- Keyword Research
– Onsite/Offsite Website Optimization
– Global Search Strategy (Multilingual)
– Geographic/Demographic Targeting
– Monthly Ranking Reports
– Integrated Lead Tracking (all platforms)

Web Development

- Web Design
– Website Hosting
Responsive Websites
– Cross-platform, multi-lingual sites
– Backend Development
– Content Delivery Hosting