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LGD Communications President & Chief Creative Officer Len Dugow interviewed by AVENUE Magazine branding high-end real estate.

For more than two decades Len Dugow of LGD Communications has been at the forefront of affluent marketing, specializing in branding luxury, real estate, hospitality and lifestyle across all marketing platforms.

Under his leadership, LGD has marketed more than $25 billion in residential real estate worldwide and currently represents more than 50 hotels and resorts around the globe.

“Luxury branding can make a value proposition. Luxury brands that stayed on message throughout the rebound have emerged into this new luxury era even stronger than they were before.”

– Len Dugow, President & Chief Creative Officer

In the March 2014 issue of AVENUE Magazine, Manhattan’s oldest must-read society magazine, Dugow discusses high-end branding in specialized sectors, the changes in Miami real estate over the last five years, the challenges faced with new construction developments, and how the different arms of LGD work together to accomplish goals.

Read the issue by click above, or visit AVENUE Magazine’s Online Edition to read it in full.

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The start of a new year creates the need for a quick look back before plunging ahead.

Maybe because LGD Communications is headed by a man with enough energy to power a small nation, or perhaps because patience was never his virtue, Len Dugow and his Miami-based ad agency move lightning fast and in the right direction with a keen awareness that their survival depends on it.

Good instincts and quick reflexes are what keep people, brands and businesses resilient and relevant in a hyper-speed world. First and foremost, you have to deliver whatever it is you deliver, really FAST. Just as important, you have to hit the mark the first time, every time.

For our agency, specializing in real estate and hospitality marketing, this requires tweaking every facet of operations from our client roster to media strategies, from staffing to reporting. Do it right. Do it fast. And do it every day, or you risk losing your edge.

Now more than ever, our focus is on luxury markets, high net worth individuals worldwide. They are discriminating, have a lot of options and they demand the right approach. We reach out to these individuals in their native languages, with sensitivity to their cultures using media channels that offer extraordinary returns.

We know all about ROI and use our own proprietary tool, TAG (Tracking, Analytics, Guidance), to gauge media effectiveness. This allows us to make certain guarantees to our clients that simply were not possible in the past.

LGD Communications has evolved by keeping up with the rapid pace of change while keeping our brand promises:
Provide a full-range of agency services
Create a strong partnership with our clients
Deliver award-winning creative across all platforms that actually works
Deliver excellent client service every day

As chief operating officer, it’s my job to re-engineer the way we work today so there’s plenty of work to do tomorrow. Let us help you do the same for your business. Call me at 305.576.9400 or email

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LGD President and Chief Creative Officer Len Dugow Moderates

With the Miami real estate market seeing more growth than arguably any other market in the U.S., eyebrows around the globe are rising to the Magic City’s success. For their first time ever, Avenue Magazine, Manhattan’s oldest must-read society magazine, brought together some of the leading South Florida real estate developers for a round table discussion.

So, who do you seek to moderate discussion between the leaders changing South Florida’s landscape? Someone who knows the playing field. With more than $25 Billion of marketed high-end residential real estate around the globe and 25 plus years acknowledged real estate marketing experience under his belt, LGD’s agency President and CCO Len Dugow was the man for the job.

Take a look at Avenue Magazine’s first-ever South Florida Developer Round Table discussion in December’s issue, or read it online now at