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A Google Search Update You Should Know About

By May 31, 2013February 26th, 2020No Comments

Your Rankings Might Be Changing – Here’s Why!

As a welcome back after Memorial Day and a start to summer surfing, Google just updated its search algorithm – the system that decides how websites are ranked. The latest update, codenamed “Penguin“, is all about fighting webspam and providing a better user experience. It’s a big deal when Google rolls out a new update, and nobody knows when that might be…

What this means for your business visibility

At LGD we’re very much all about a better Internet ecosystem. In that light, we only practice “White-Hat” SEO methods, geek-speak for “we do things the business-ethical way”, a method which Google and the other major search engines highly favor. In doing so, our clients see minimal exposure to visibility damage when Google updates its algorithm.

However, an algorithm update always means uncertainty.

In the coming weeks you might see your rankings fluctuate, from being vaulted to page one, to slipping to page 10. Until things settle down, and regardless of your SEO practices, you might see unstable rankings as well as peaks and valleys in organic traffic.

In the glass-half-full side of things, if you’re not a spammer and generally approach promoting your business online in an organic sort of way (read: not spam), then you should be ok.

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