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A distinctive product requires precision targeting

As Akoya at Boca West Country Club nears completion, developer Siemens Group has hired LGD to lead the marketing of the remaining residences in this luxury condominium on the fairways of the nation’s #1 private residential country club. LGD will be crafting strategic messaging across all marketing platforms, including traditional advertising, media placements and digital marketing initiatives.

After decades at the forefront of luxury residential real estate branding and marketing in South Florida and beyond, LGD offers an expertise unrivaled in the field. Far from resting on our laurels, LGD harnesses that expertise to the limitless power of digital data and analytics for impactful marketing as informed as it is inspired.

It takes more than luck and good timing to steer a luxury residential development through to success in today’s volatile South Florida market. Developers like Siemens Group trust LGD to help them define their buyers, find them, and reach out to them with the right message, in just the right voice, at precisely the right moment.

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