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Putting ME in Context. Sin Text


The “Evolution” campaign for ME Hotels & Resorts is the third incarnation of the brand advertising. It is perhaps mildly interesting (if you’re having a real slow day) how certain elements of the brand have grown more prominent in the messaging while others have morphed or even, in the case of the copy, disappeared entirely.

We attribute this to the fact that, once a thing actually exists (as the ME brand now does, but didn’t back then), you don’t need to try so hard to describe it. You can just show it. The launch campaign for ME featured a backdrop of words (called ‘the wallpaper’) wafting through the background of the image. It was a way of conveying the intended essence of the brand when the brand did not yet actually exist beyond intention. That’s what brand management for your corporate identity is all about.

Fast Forward a handful of years and ME by Melia has plenty to say for itself. You know, Miami Sound Machine was right. Sometimes the words do get in the way.

So, as the branding agency of choice, we decided to let go…let the wallpaper fade and peel away…let the words dissipate into the mist, wafting like an ethereal wisp of vaporous light. And there it has lingered. ‘The Aura’, as this luminous vapor is called, now says everything the wallpaper attempted to say. It is, for want of a better phrase, the je ne sais quoi that makes ME, ME. The Aura is the energy created anew for everyone at every moment. No, wait…it’s not that. It’s the interplay between ME and myself. Or is it me and you? You and ME? Whichever it is, doesn’t really matter. Ultimately, the only thing that matters is this:

ME Becomes You.

And that it’s pretty. That matters, too. Gotta make it pretty. Everyone likes pretty. Even not-so-pretty people like pretty. So get your pretty on a plane and find yourself at ME.

Wow. I’m all talked out. Do you mind if we just cuddle?

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