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In our work as the branding agency for ME by Melia & Gran Melia, LGD does not shy away from subtlety… we reject it in a most conspicuous way. We have found that, in certain contexts, subtlety is less effective than ambiguity. Take this ad for ME. While it may not be entirely clear what exactly these two ladies are thinking about, it IS easy to imagine what anyone looking at them is thinking about.

The allure of possibility is what drives so much of what we do, where we go and what we buy. ME Hotels are designed to inspire each individual to write his or her own narrative of personal fulfillment in settings that provoke interaction and celebrate individuality.

In our campaign as the branding agency for ME, LGD creates scenes of ambiguity. Rather than a richly detailed vignette in an identifiable location, these visuals combine the three essential elements of a ‘ME moment’: the guest, the service and the place. As in reality, the combination of these three variables can deliver unlimited results. There is always the potential for each individual to attain the outcome he or she desires most.

Did these ladies arrive together? Will they leave together? It’s all up to you. ME lets you make it happen.

LGD Communications