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Branding Agency: Gran Melia Splashin’ Passion

By October 4, 2011February 26th, 2020No Comments

Branding Spanish Luxury

Over two years ago, LGD was brought on as the branding agency to help Spanish hotelier Sol Melia create and launch its flagship brand, Gran Melia Hotels & Resorts. It isn’t every day you get to take part in creating something as robust and nuanced as a luxury hotel brand on a global scale. We dove into the task with “mucho gusto,” as they say, traveling to Spain for an introduction to the nascent brand.

Two weeks later, we delivered a defensible positioning for Gran Meliá within the high-end hospitality brandscape as the world’s foremost purveyor of Spanish Luxury. That’s right…Spanish Luxury. With everyone agreeing that this positioning was relevant, compelling and defensible, the team set about the much larger task of defining and designing a guest experience around the concept of Spanish luxury.

Spanish culture is synonymous with passion, which is sorely lacking in the world of luxury lodging. Yet, the target demographics for high-end hospitality are now seeing a new mindset of well-paid young professionals whose tastes are no less refined than those of the preceding generations, but who have developed an appreciation for the more personalized approach to service they have encountered in boutique hotels. To this clientele, the typical five-star guest experience can seem impersonal and insular, uninspired and even stifling. We decided to aim Spanish luxury directly at this clientele: the affluent traveler with a hunger for life.

Important questions arose. Questions that you need a premiere branding agency to answer. What makes it Spanish? What does passion look like? How much passion do we need? When our questions seemed to answer themselves as soon as they were asked, we knew we’d hit on a branding solution that was true and strong.

It all comes down to: á.

The red tilde over the final ‘a’ in the brand name. That red symbolizes the brand essence, embodying all that distinguishes Gran Meliá from its competition. As a visual metaphor, the red tilde has grown to define RedGlove Service, the protocol developed for all Gran Meliá properties, worldwide, ensuring a guest experience as impassioned as it is luxurious.

To capture the essence of Gran Meliá RedGlove Service in a series of branded moments, our creative team returned to Spain this spring to shoot eight images for a campaign we call ‘Red Muse’.

Visit our work section to see the campaign

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