In a world where wealth is often measured by the height of the walls that surround it, Privé offers a lifestyle of privilege surrounded by nothing but open air, sea and sky.

The building of Prive at Island Estates is a massive undertaking, turning the entire 8-acre island into an active construction site. That, coupled with the island’s secluded location in the Aventura Intracoastal, has kept the project shrouded in mystery from the start.

With the island superstructure now complete and construction activity moving to the interiors, it won’t be long before it becomes easy to envision the beauty of daily life at Privé. But to do so now requires a bit of imagination.

LGD turned to a dramatic collage effect reminiscent of classic romantic thrillers in film or paperback, where the story depended on lavish lifestyles and exotic settings. With its extensive amenities program and its unique island location, Privé promises to be both lavish and exotic.

The headline teases the reader into a sense of urgency. It is easy to get lost in the daydream of what life might be like on South Florida’s Last Private Island. But with only 8 months to go, it is time to snap out of the reverie and take action if you intend to be among the few who get to live it for real.