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Creative Branding Agency: 20 Pine Street

By September 19, 2011February 26th, 2020No Comments

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LGD Communications, a creative branding agency, loves to showcase it’s talent. Most places, all you need to make the Best Dressed List is the right label. In Manhattan, however, what works in one neighborhood can lead to a fashion meltdown a few blocks away. The residences at Twenty Pine came dressed from floor to ceiling by Armani/Casa, but the advertising was in need of a serious makeover.

LGD assessed the situation–a long winter in a longer recession, financial crises in the financial district, doom and gloom in the real estate market. In the nanosecond pause between winter’s final insult and the first breath of spring, LGD relaunched 20 Pine with a flash of fuchsia to enliven the landscape. A dash of color goes a long way amidst the solemn grandeur of the Financial District, and the entire neighborhood seemed to come to life all around 20 Pine.

The creative for the 20 Pine re-launch sought to bring a dash of levity to the project without trivializing the sophistication established by the existing campaign. By being different then most branding agencies, LGD has ability to cater our creative to replace any advertising campaigns with fresh, new concepts without jeopardizing the previous branding.

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