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Digital Marketing Strategies: Speaking the Language

By October 6, 2011February 26th, 2020No Comments

Florida may be one of the 50 United States of America, but once you get to Miami you’re in a whole different world. Here, Latin American influences can be seen in everything from the food we eat to the way we drive. Along with all of the new cultural norms comes a new language: “Spanglish.” No, we’re not talking about the movie starring Adam Sandler.

What we mean is the mash-up of English and Spanish, creating a whole new language native to the residents of Miami. Historically, the practice of mixing English words into the Spanish language might have been thought of as something only done by those recently immigrated into the United States. It’s clear things have changed.

Now, Spanglish can be heard coming from demographics of all calibers. Businessmen, college students and even your abuela – everyone seems to be mixing English con Español. It doesn’t matter if someone just landed in Miami for the first time from Bogotá, or if they’ve been living here for 25 years. Odds are they have the ability to speak fluent Spanglish. And that’s the catch – it simply can’t be avoided. When you live in a dense multicultural city like Miami, you’re forced to adapt to your surroundings.

This also means businesses have to adapt too. It’d be tough to find an office setting in Miami where there wasn’t at least one person who is fluent in the Spanish language. In any other part of the US, a native Spanish speaker would need to learn English in order to manage their digital marketing strategies.

In Miami, the rules change. Here, businesses have learned that if they want to be successful, they’ve got to learn to roll their r’s. Case in point: Primarily Spanish-speaking businesses that target the Hispanic market have popped up all over Miami. Even traditionally English-speaking companies now see the need to target the Hispanic demographic, especially if you want to contend with your global digital marketing campaigns.

The perfect partner

Now comes the hard part – finding the right agency to help you reach the Hispanic market. Simply translating content is not enough. To be successful you need to get to know the needs and wants of your audience, inside and out, how they function, and what tactics work best for that niche. It may seem like marketing 101, but a lot of businesses are struggling with this aspect when creating a digital marketing plan.

That’s why choosing the right Hispanic marketing agency for your business is important. At LGD Latino, we equate this to picking your ideal salsa partner. You want an agency that’s suave, has all the right moves, can make you look your best, and can habla Español all day long. Communication is key when it comes to making the magic happen on the dance floor of big business.

Reach out to us through our contact form or leave a comment to get the conversation going. We’re all ears.

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