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Three Solutions for a New Market, Branding by LGD

Having worked on branding + marketing for many of The Related Group’s most prominent condominium projects over the past 25 years, LGD is fluent when it comes to defining and marketing the promise of tropical luxury. You can even say the gold standard for building and marketing luxury condominiums was established right here in South Florida.

Things change. And as usual, Related Group and LGD Branding + Marketing are ahead of the curve, already adapting product to meet the needs of an under-served upscale market, people of all ages who are looking to rent (not own) a privileged lifestyle.

This summer, LGD’s campaigns for Related’s Icon, Manor and Town branded luxury rental communities will launch in mid-sized metropolitan markets throughout the South and Southeast. Together, these three brands offer a continuum of appealing lifestyle solutions for upwardly-mobile consumers at all stages of life.

LGD’s challenge was three-fold.

1. Build three distinct rental brands to appeal to three target audiences:

  • Icon: high-rise luxury for the affluent, cosmopolitan executive
  • Manor: midrise/loft for aspirational, urban-professional singles and couples
  • Town: cluster apartments/townhomes for dual-income, suburban/commuter couples and families

2. Devise a creative platform for the family of three brands, each with its own distinct voice, while also allowing for a degree of customization by region and market.

3. Lay the foundation for the eventual emergence of the unifying Related Luxury Rental brand.

First out of the gate was Icon Las Olas. Initially slated to be a condominium, Icon Las Olas was launched as a luxury rental early in 2017. The challenge for LGD was to position this high-profile tower as a rental in a market that had long associated luxury with ownership; there was an unspoken rental stigma that had to be addressed.

LGD determined the best way to neutralize the rental stigma was to bring right to the fore. Rather than trying to avoid using the word Rental, we paired it with Perfection and made it the tagline.

Icon Las Olas branding

The tactic established the right tone for the project. In the Leasing Gallery, any lingering aversion to the rental concept was effectively neutralized by the elegant presentation of the product. The positioning resonated instantly and leasing took off.

Rental Perfection informs the extensive Icon launch campaign now rolling out in multiple markets. With deliverables including brand identity, printed and digital collateral, web design, digital advertising, social media branding, site signage and more, the Icon launch campaign serves as a template for the Manor and Town brands as well.

Town Southern Apartments branding

In the 12 months that have passed since the debut of Icon Las Olas, LGD has completed the branding for Manor (Rental Evolution) and Town (Rental Inspiration) – including the recently launched Town Southern Apartments. Campaigns are now running for seven individual Related Rental properties in five markets across two states, with more on the way.

Stay tuned to see more of the branding as we continue to roll it out over the next 12 months! Want to get our attention for a marketing or branding project? Send us a quick note and we’ll take a look!

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