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Interactive Marketing Agency: Hit and Run Web Development

By June 2, 2011February 26th, 2020No Comments

“Wham, bam, thank you, ma’am!” is how I jokingly refer to most web development. They quote you a cheap price (doesn’t everyone love cheap prices?) and they may even draw you some pretty pictures with some pretty colors. If you’re lucky, they’ll throw in some “SEO” – I put that in quotes because, honestly, most web developers don’t have a clue how to do SEO. They alt-tag an image, “Joe Smith, CEO” thinking this is SEO, and they convince you you’re now covered, you’ll now rank on Google and other search engines.

Not Happening.

These web developers build you a site that has absolutely nothing to do with how your potential customers search online, or how they intuitively navigate, or the kind of web 2.0 experience they’re already used to having online. 80% of Americans are online, using social media on a daily basis, researching everything before they even decide to buy.

Cheap Is Expensive

If your audience is out there and they are judging you on what you do online, how you appear, how you design to engage them (or not) via your website, how you make them feel – is web development really where you want to pinch pennies?

We don’t do that kind of “web development” here at LGD Interactive & Social Media. Maybe it’s because we’re a full service social media and interactive marketing agency. Maybe it’s because we’re a division of legendary Miami ad agency LGD Communications. Maybe it’s because we have too much experience and expertise in lead generation that seeing these charlatans makes us cringe.

We’re interested in results. We’re interested in long-term relationships. We’re interested in making our clients successful in whichever industry or marketplace they’re found. We know without a doubt that a solid website is the foundation for your every move online. A website is the hub around which your online presence revolves.

If you don’t have a good one, we guarantee your work in getting new customers will be much more difficult. We know because we prove this day in and day out.

If you want to build your business on particle board, then charlatans are your best bet.  If you want results, then go with the people who’ll stand by you and help your business grow, who’ll put the time in to make sure your site is built to serve customers as easily as possible, generate quality leads, collect data, rank on Google page 1 searches and build your reputation online.

You want to know how we see your website as part of a strategy for long-term growth? Very few web agencies work this way. The way we see it, we can’t imagine anyone choosing a solution that isn’t about generating business. Can you?

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