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Internet Marketing Company: Social Media Monitoring

By September 27, 2011February 26th, 2020No Comments

Keyword listening for the business that can’t hear

The best speaker is one who listens. As an intern at an Internet marketing company, LGD Interactive, I have been enlightened to the world of social media monitoring. Social media is associated with people speaking their mind, honestly, and with little inhibition. A mass of the world is dumping their thoughts and opinions joyously on just about everything. With everyone speaking, it is advantageous for a business is to listen.

Let’s break down listening so we can apply it to a business scenario. When sounds in a room reach us, our ears take the task of deciphering which sounds to listen to, and which sounds to ignore. For example your cell phone going off will be more important than if your pen fell, therefore the phone holds more value. This skill is key in listening. Without this, the barrage of sounds would be unusable and even deafening in an ironic way.

Social media monitoring in business is a proactive way of reaching out to customers and potential customers alike. By using an Internet marketing company, monitoring keywords can give a heads up to an upcoming crisis, or predict a new trend. This innovation is invaluable for businesses. Imagine what you could do if you knew when and where the next crisis was coming from. Monitoring keywords gives a business a tool that allows them to consistently and accurately gauge their standing amongst their customers.

Online relationships amongst friends are light, specific, and durable. These relationships are nurtured though conversation on social media channels where ideas and information are exchanged at rapid speeds. Companies can mimic this behavior of listening and responding to heighten user engagement. If a company took initiative to listen to their customers, their customers will repay with loyalty and trust. Brand advocacy at its very finest.

With user engagement rising, your cult customers will multiply and stand by your side in times of crisis. With social media monitoring paving the way for reputation management – in a perfect world – crisis would be avoided altogether. Realistically, however, you can’t avoid every crisis. Luckily for us, social media monitoring still serves as a strategy to weather the storm.

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