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LGD and DSP are Enhancing ROI for Luxury Real Estate

In today’s hyper-competitive luxury real estate marketplace, digital advertising is a necessary part of the mix. A condominium developer with residences priced at $2 Million and up is smart to use digital advertising to increase brand awareness and generate leads to set their projects apart from the rest.

Effective digital advertising isn’t just about “clicks,” “click-through rates,” and “impressions”. It’s about results and targeting best prospects by leveraging data.

The Power of DSP

With today’s Demand-Side Platform (DSP) technology, marketing to potential buyers through the strategic placement of digital banner ads allows marketers to zero in on a target audience like never before. If we’re talking needles and haystacks, DSP, together with a sound marketing strategy, is a powerful magnet that finds your ideal audience with maximum efficiency.

Employing DSP, you can precisely target your audience based on demographics, location, interests and previous browsing behavior– just a sample of the many parameters available. As you see any one of these variables generating response, you can use that data to further refine your “conversion profile” and target people most likely interested in the project. Every successful conversion feeds into the next.

“DSP is cheaper, faster and nimbler, making it far more efficient than traditional advertising when it comes to lead generation,” says Len Dugow, LGD’s president and chief creative officer. “More importantly – especially for luxury residential developments here in South Florida, where foreign buyers account for a disproportionate amount of sales – DSP lets you target high-net-worth individuals around the globe, at a fraction of the cost.”

Have you ever searched for something online, only to find that same thing in a banner advertisement a few websites or days later? That’s DSP. Using big data and tracking cookies DSP has the ability to literally follow your audience wherever they go online, creating a robust presence for your project – and generating multiple impressions – across a wide variety of sites.

To prospects, it appears as if the message is everywhere.


Many advertising and marketing agencies offer DSP, but few truly understand it or have the documented expertise to leverage the data it provides for the benefit of their clients. At LGD, our in-house expertise in marketing high-end real estate brings proven results.

For one of our real estate clients – a luxury oceanfront condominium development – integrating DSP into their digital advertising campaign generated a remarkable increase both in online conversions and in foot traffic to their sales center. In just one month, DSP was responsible for eight sales of more than a million dollars each, effectively covering the costs of the entire marketing campaign a dozens of times over.

The numbers from our campaign tell the story:

Leads Generated by LGD Communication's Advertising Campaign

“These are numbers any developer likes to see and, needless to say, our client is now sold on the value of DSP,” commented Dugow. “It’s great to be able to go to your client and say, ‘Hey, our DSP campaign essentially doubled your conversions and oh, by the way, it also sold more than eight million dollars worth of product in just one month.’”

The Benefits of Using DSP

Powerful, proven way to generate leads in the digital space
Laser-precise, places your message in front of the buyers you want
Goes more places – faster – than traditional advertising
Produces measurable results for your campaign
Pay-for-Performance model is cost-effective

At LGD, we use DSP in all of our clients’ digital campaigns and provide a complete, turnkey solution including strategy, concept, messaging, creative, campaign management and reporting – everything you need to be successful. If you’re not seeing measurable results in your current campaigns, speak to the Miami advertising experts at LGD.

Contact us online, give us a call at 305-576-9400, or email Len Dugow at