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Mining the Past and Present: What Comes Next?

South Florida’s fortune is inextricably tied the marketability of its real estate. But in this consistently capricious part of the world, an unfathomably complex web of inter-connected forces determines the relative health and trajectory of the luxury residential market on any given day. The next day, everything might change. This daunting phenomenon became the subject of the annual Avenue Magazine South Florida Roundtable discussion last month as five of Miami’s most influential developers gathered for a roundtable chat.

Hosting the discussion was the venerable Len Dugow, President and Chief Creative Officer at LGD Communications, an advertising agency that has focused on real estate and hospitality in South Florida, New York and beyond, for thirty years. Join the developers of the most exciting luxury properties currently rising into the South Florida skyline, in a frank discussion, amongst peers, about what is really going on behind the glamour.

– Louis Birdman, Co-Developer, One Museum Park
– Edgardo DeFortuna, President and ECO fo Fortune International Group
– Jon Paul Perez, Vice President, The Related Group
– Ryan Shear, Principal, PMG
– Daniel Lebensohn, Principal, BH3

– Len Dugow, Principal and Chief Creative Officer, LGD