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A Brand New ME

From the start, the brand advertising of ME by Meliá, an international chain of boutique hotels and resorts, has hinged on the expression of what we call the ‘Aura’. Defined as ‘the place where the energy of ME meets the energy of You’, the Aura is a metaphor for the essence of the guest experience at ME.

Now, just in time for the upcoming debut of ME: London, LGD has turned the ME brand into a more visual experience, bringing the ‘Aura’ to life on the new ME by Meliá website.

Giving users an experience like never before, (call it a brand coming to life) we employed the latest technology (provided by HTML5) and matched the brand experience to deliver a design and concept that would truly exemplify the ME brand experience.

It’s one thing to see the Aura, but it’s another thing entirely to experience the Aura.

Me By Meliá Website Design Concept by LGD Communications

The ME by Meliá website comes to life in the latest evolution of the brand

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