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The World’s Most Advanced Megayacht Marina, Branded by LGD

On a prime site along the Miami River just west of Downtown, the world’s most technologically advanced megayacht marina is about to take shape, featuring fourteen elaborate, fully covered yacht berths, and all are available for individual ownership.

Creating a new brand is always exciting, but the challenge of branding something that is truly the first of its kind is a rare opportunity. LGD was able to precisely identify the decision makers, not only megayacht owners, also their conscientious captains. This led directly to the SeaVault name, and onward through an insightful launch.

The world has never seen anything like SeaVault. And once all 14 of its deeded berths are spoken for, SeaVault may disappear forever from the branding landscape, behind a veil of privacy.

Take a look at the launch of SeaVault Miami. It may be your only chance.

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