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High-Octane Luxury Arrives in South Florida

For collectors of rare exotics, hypercars and track cars, The Concours Club will soon be known worldwide as the “club of clubs”. This exclusive, private motoring destination offers unparalleled experiences for a very small group of elite driving enthusiasts. Members will enjoy a world-class driving circuit, ultra-luxe members’ club, expert vehicle service and storage, and more.

The marketing rollout began with Founding Memberships offered on an invite-only basis for $350,000. With those now sold out, a limited number of Memberships are available for $150,000 to applicants with the support of a Founding Member.

With construction well underway, the international team behind The Concours Club retained LGD Communications to strategize and execute their most important phase of marketing – the run-up to Grand Opening. The first three quarters of 2019 are an opportunity to calibrate messaging, elevate marketing materials, establish new communications, prepare the event and position The Concours Club to make maximum impact when it launches this November.

LGD was chosen for our expertise in reaching individuals with high net worth and our strong track record for bringing exclusive opportunities to the luxury market.

Fueled by a relentless devotion to engineering, design and service, every touchpoint of The Concours Club is programmed to deliver unforgettable moments for invite-only members and their esteemed guests. LGD is shaping every aspect of how this story comes to life. Our work is transforming The Concours Club into the most talked-about new destination amongst elite motoring enthusiasts, worldwide.