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“What are the Core Principles of Effective Real Estate Advertising?”

Len Dugow, LGD President and Chief Creative Officer, joins industry veteran Anuca Valverde, Cervera Real Estate’s President of Marketing, as a special guest on the Miami Real Estate Podcast’s latest episode – The Realtor’s Guide to Advertising: Past, Present & Future.

Two of Miami’s most experienced industry professionals, the savvy duo shares their real estate advertising expertise, diving into core principles and niche strategies alike with host Omar De Windt. Dugow and Valverde also give their take on the state of real estate marketing in South Florida, as well as tips for real estate developments and marketers.

Keep reading for some great takeaways from the episode.

Real Estate Advertising: Know Your Audience – and Research!

The discussion kicks off with an age-old question: When it comes to real estate advertising, what are the principles to note and how does it impact business as a whole?

You need to do your homework,” says Valverde, “One must study the competition, their targets, and develop [your] position in that world before proceeding with development of the creative strategy.

And she’s right! Creative is a powerful tool, but the wrong creative to the wrong audience is just asking for a campaign that only spins its wheels and doesn’t positively affect your business goals.

Research informs the creative, because you’re creating it for the target audience not because you think it looks pretty,” echoes De Windt.

A great example of a company that expertly employs market research to expand is Starbucks. They do so with several methods, from following market trends to social listening and in-store product testing. Starbucks gathers this data to better understand their customers’ wants and needs, which is used in the development process of new products and initiatives, such as their launch of non-dairy milk alternatives.

Data, analysis and guidance are key concepts we follow at LGD to ensure the campaigns we create for our clients are sending the appropriate messages to their key audiences. As digital advertising quickly overtakes print advertising in the marketing world, and the differences that separate the two methods is vast, the principle of having a sound strategy backed up by research and data is even more important in making a successful marketing campaign in 2019 and beyond.

Consistency is Key

Dugow chimes in with another core principle of real estate marketing by stressing a very critical concept.

Your marketing should speak with one voice,” says Dugow, sharing his favorite components of a terrific ad campaign. “It needs a high-impact and memorable visual, and also a message that is clear and simple to understand,” he imparts.

But what’s equally and critically important is maintaining consistency in that visual, voice and messaging through all advertising platforms,” adding that “consistency of the message and the visual become the cornerstone of your campaign.

A recent study conducted by Lucidpress found that an average of 23% of revenue increase is attributed to presenting your brand consistently – that’s a hefty sum.

Before they wrap up, Dugow and Valverde share a few final thoughts.

Valverde advises her fellow marketers to stay current, sticking to the principles of consistency and to always remain open to learning new things. Considering how quickly technology advances and audience perceptions change, we couldn’t agree more.

Dugow signs off by highlighting that often times success comes from simply covering the basics, and ensuring your marketing and sales teams know the project “better than anybody else.

Nothing is as energizing and as refreshing as someone who actually knows what the heck they’re talking about,” emphasizes Dugow.

To listen to the full Miami Real Estate Podcast episode, click here.