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SeaVault Megayacht Project Reaches Out to the .001%

Branding and launching something that has never existed before can be an exceptional challenge. Particularly when prices start above $10 million and the target market is as guarded and discerning as the so-called .001%. So, when a local developer sought an agency to help launch a new, 14-berth megayacht project on the Miami River, they were wise to choose LGD as their branding partner.


With a target market of fewer than 2,000 megayacht owners (and their respective captains), worldwide, LGD devised a two-pronged launch strategy, piquing the interest within the target group through an opaque tease (the unbranded insignia), while simultaneously launching in full to a random subset of the same group.


By triggering the competitive spirit inherent in a peer culture of sportsman such as these, LGD would induce a push-and-pull dynamic whereby those in the know would gain a measure of status by sharing their inside knowledge with the as-yet uninformed, who would in turn be actively seeking the information for themselves.

With this carefully orchestrated plan, LGD not only managed to capture the attention of the megayachting elite, but effectively turned potential customers into an extended sales force inside this notoriously insular culture of professionals.