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Social Media Agency Predictions: 6 Trends to Watch

By May 25, 2011February 26th, 2020No Comments

I don’t have a crystal ball, nor can I read palms, but I’m an avid reader and great observer of the market.

We are becoming more and more social, and companies that don’t join the wave might die trying to swim after it. Working for a Social Media Agency like LGD Interactive & Social Media has help provide this valuable insight.

The increasing number of new businesses, amount of time people spend on social sites like Twitter, Facebook, Fourquare, Meetup, Ning and also the number of people joining these platforms on a daily basis are just the beginning.

1 – Facebook will be the first place people will try to find information. It used to be Google (remember? it even became a verb, Google something).
2 – Social Search will be as important as organic search; you will trust companies your friends buy from and products friends of friends have purchased and recommended. No more buying in the dark.
3 – Social commerce is the next big wave. Twitter already accepts payments and Facebook has storefront capabilities since last year.
4 – Geo-location will be king: Facebook deals,,, Foursquare exclusive offers once you check-in are just the beginning of the revolution.
5- Mobile will be more and more social. Soon you won’t need to call five friends to set-up a dinner date; you’ll simply make your reservations on Foursquare and send invites through the platform. You will also be able to see if the friend that is late is already parking, before making a phone call.
6 – B2B can take a huge advantage on social media, especially in a remote environment. You can partner and sell to other companies based anywhere and use social media to prospect them. So far mostly B2C is taking full advantage of social media techniques to grow their business.

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