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Social Media Agency: Twitter Announces New Features

By June 1, 2011February 26th, 2020No Comments

Today on the Official Twitter Blog, the real-time Goliath announced that they had reworked the Twitter Search tool to allow users to search with more options, including #hashtag and @username search within the Firefox browser and SERPs (search engine result pages) that include results that closely relate to your search.

“Not only will it deliver more relevant Tweets when you search for something or click on a trending topic, but it will also show you related photos and videos, right there on the results page. It’s never been easier to get a sense of what’s happening right now, wherever your curiosity takes you.

And if you use this new version of Firefox with Twitter, you can type a #hashtag or @username directly into the address bar to go right to a search results page (try #idol) or someone’s profile page (like @nba). Simple.”

Twitter is also on the verge of implementing a new feature that will allow users to upload photos with their tweets directly through, as opposed to using other services that lead you away from the domain, like and

“Over the next several weeks, we’ll be releasing a feature to upload a photo and attach it to your Tweet right from And of course, you’ll soon be able to easily do this from all of our official mobile apps.”

Reputation Management Made Easier

Working for a Social Media Agency we spend a good amount of time online searching for any mentions of client branding for reputation management, the Twitter Search functionality is going to be (if it works) a Godsend. One of the things I always disliked about Twitter was the lacking search utility, which often brought back SERPs with little or no relation to what I was looking for. Oftentimes if I didn’t have the exact @username to search for, I wasn’t going to find what I needed via Twitter.

140 Characters Worth 1000 words

I am happy to see this fuction come to the .com version of Twitter, but I’m not sure it is really something a lot of people will find useful. Most of our social media agency Twitter management is done through external clients like Tweetdeck and Hootesuite, mostly because we can have access to multiple accounts at once. Even if you aren’t a community manager, most people I have spoken to see it as an easier option to just use their smartphone clients to upload photos to their timeline.

For the 10 people who do still use to manage their accounts, however, this will most definitely be a welcomed feature.

Twitter seems to be evolving at a rate nearly equal to Facebook, and this social media manager couldn’t be any happier to see it.

Long live the social network. (no… I don’t mean the movie)

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