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Social Media Marketing Agency on Email Marketing Campaigns

By June 24, 2011February 26th, 2020No Comments

As a Social Media Marketing agency we always like to keep our followers informed. This week we provide insight to consider when running email marketing campaigns.

Are You Emailing Without Permission?

If you are, this is bad and will only get worse. The more you email people that haven’t signed up to receive your messages, the more they delete your messages and categorize you as spammer within their email service provider. If a lot of subscribers from the same service (yahoo, gmail, hotmail) do so, then the service classifies you as a spammer. Good luck trying to get out of this list; You simply can’t and won’t. Build up your list organically by having an opt-in form on your website or, if you have a brick-and-mortar business, try using a sign-up sheet. If you want to acquire clients faster, try affiliate marketing programs from other companies.

Are You Blasting Irrelevant Content?

Make sure your emails are relevant to the audience you’re blasting them to. The worst thing is to disappoint people when you are trying to build or grow your business. Remember that something very important for you, not necessarily is important for your audience. Tweet and Facebook about it, but save your email campaign for important things. People tend to scan through subject lines before opening an email or simply deleting them, so make sure you don’t pick a boring or generic one; Not only do you want people to open your messages, but you need them to click through.

Are You Forgetting the Numbers?

You just sent out a bunch of emails, but do you know how many were opened? How many bounced back? If you don’t have that information, you might be making the same mistakes, and also be jeopardizing an entire campaign, simply because you are not cleaning your lists or running AB Testing. Metrics always provide useful information to boost email marketing efficiency, including the best day and time to send emails.

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Are You Using Twitter & Facebook to Cross-Promote Your Emails?

You may have lots of followers, but not necessarily you have that many subscribers. You can tweet and Facebook messages to an entire audience that is not included in your email listings. I strongly advise you to try to convert these followers into subscribers by offering relevant content and great service. You have to make sure you cross-promote as much as you can in all these channels. At least weekly you should invite people to subscribe to your email campaigns, and also add a sign up form on your Facebook page.

Are you Optimizing Emails for Smartphones?

Check your reports to see what platforms your subscribers are using to check your messages. If at least 20% of your list is reading on a smartphone, then make these people a priority: optimize your campaign to accommodate them. With the number of cell phone users growing exponentially, chances are that soon, majority of your list will be checking emails on their phones other than a computer.

Staying informed with this web agency will keep you updated on all the factors to consider when running an effective email campaign.

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