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Social Media News: Facebook Places

By July 18, 2011February 26th, 2020No Comments

Social media news! Any Facebook page admin with an ounce of credibility knows that the old “reviews” tab on a client’s Facebook page was a breeding ground of toxic negativity. The well-intentioned and inviting “reviews” tab, while supporting positive reviews, also allows for Internet trolls to annihilate your online reputation on the page. And because there was no way to admin, edit or remove a comment, that stinking cesspool of a review stayed on the Facebook page for all of eternity. Facebook clearly recognized this as a major problem.

You may have noticed a subtle yet important change to Facebook Places’ pages a few days ago. Almost unannounced, a new “recommendations” box creeped its way onto the right side of each Facebook place, allowing users to publish recommendations to their friend’s News Feeds. The best social media news of the day came not for the users, but for admins, because they have the ability to hide recommendations that are deemed unbecoming.

Users can simply head to the page of the place they wish to recommend, type the good (or begrudgingly bad) recommendation, and choose who to share it with. Publicly shared recommendations can be edited by page admins, while limited ones (which are only shared with specific audiences) for the time being, cannot.

Social-Eyes Search

This update comes after both Bing and Google began adding Facebook recommendations and +1 capabilities to their search engines. Bing and Google now allow the “likes” and “+1’s” of your social media friends to be integrated directly in their search engines, allowing for a more personalized and communicative social search experience.

But in the battle of integrated “recommendations,” Facebook wins. Much like any other new online feature, Facebook’s new places “recommendations” box wins simply because it’s integrated into Facebook, and not vice versa.

Here at LGD Interactive and Social Media, a digital web agency located in Miami, we think users will find this new feature easy-to-use and extremely helpful. We’re excited to recommend this new “recommendations” tab to our Facebook community, while we watch the conversation on our client’s Facebook pages grow. At the same time, we must admit to sleeping easy at night knowing that unlike the reviews tab, we still have full control over our client’s reputation management.

Go head over to any Facebook Place page to try out the new feature. Do YOU think that Facebook “recommendations” will be a useful next step in the social media conversation?

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