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Social Media Usage: Twitter & Flickr World

By July 14, 2011February 26th, 2020No Comments

No, it’s not a globe version of “Lite Brite“. I found some amazing visuals online from BusinessInsider. These photos are by Eric Fisher, who is adroit at taking maps and data to recreate breathtaking images. On his Flickr album “See Something or Say Something” these visuals represent social media usage, specifically on Twitter & Flickr, by the location of tweets and Flickr pictures throughout countries and cities around the world. This idyllic sway of Blue, Orange and White seems like a photo from space. Blue dots are tweets, orange dots are Flickr locations, and white represents both. There are many more of these images on the album and encourage you to take a gander. (If you’re a University of Florida fan I am sure you are going to love seeing this, hell, use it in a creative way to show how the world is a “Gator Nation” for all I care (I’m a Canes fan)).

U.S. Twitter & Flickr Use

The United States. I actually take pleasure at gazing into this particular image. I always (repeat, always) argue with people that Social Media Impact on the U.S. is much more about being “social savvy” then most assume. Aside from the Midwest you can see that Flickr & Twitter have spread to the corners of the country. It only goes to show that the more “on the edge” you are of your country the more “cutting edge” you are at social media.

Working at a digital and social media agency, these images are especially intriguing to me. At the agency we still find ourselves trying to convince people that social media is not just a fad, but a way of life.

New York Twitter & Flickr Use

This is a picture of how socially connected New York is. Perhaps “the city that never sleeps” should now be called “the city that always tweets.” Notice how Manhattan (my hometown) sports the prominent white shading. I wonder how people in Manhattan sleep with all that bright light? (It’s a stupid joke, just laugh anyway). I find it no small coincidence that these are also ideal color choices for New York Mets & Yankee Fans…

Sao Paulo Twitter & Flickr Use

Caipirinhas and booming economy aside, Sao Paulo, Brazil also makes its mark on social media. From a strategic social media perspective if I wanted to reach out to this location for marketing you can imagine there would be a heavy dose of new tweeters, considering the social media giant was just recently released in Brazilian Portuguese.

Europe Twitter & Flickr Use

Across the pond, the intense blending of different cultures leads to massive amounts of different types of interaction in social communication. This has to be the most prominent Flickr region I’ve seen yet. Just look at the intense white on the edges of the countries showing a heavy focus on multiple communication exchanges between neighboring countries.

“Social Lite” Has a New Meaning

Working at a social media agency you often find yourself debating with “ignorant” people about how important social media is to making real connections. The expression “what you don’t know, you don’t know” is always in the back of my mind during these conversations. This visual proof from a social media strategy perspective shows you which different countries and cities use these two social media platforms most.

Social media agencies like LGD Interactive can pinpoint which regions are using social media most, and more importantly, which networks they are using it on. Information like this is “brightens up” our day.

If you have learned anything from this blog post, than please share it with your friends or leave a comment below. I’m sure they would love to know as well!