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Social PR through pay per click advertising

By May 16, 2011February 26th, 2020No Comments

Having been a client of LGD Communications, Marquis Residences in Downtown Miami was intrigued when LGD Interactive & Social Media began operations. Still they wanted some proof that Social Media combined with Pay Per Click advertising would actually work.

Our Interactive Agency took up the challenge by saying, “Give us just 10 days and $5,000 to put on a laser targeted PPC campaign during the up-coming Art Basel week in Miami Beach.”

LGD ISM created a strategy of daily blogging with user-generated images and video (combined with professional images & videography) about an art event held at Marquis Residences. The pay per click campaign was geared towards potential buyers interested in the arts, who would be visiting Miami Beach, during Art Basel.

Not only did Marquis Residences receive a ton of social PR coverage online, they had a 4,000 % increase in the number of visitors to their website during 10 days compared to the entire previous month, and their sales center telephone rang off the hook. During those 10 days, 43 people who came directly from the PPC campaign filled out the Contact Form online, asking for more information, they had the highest number of people come in for tours of the residences, and $2.8 million in sales were signed. A $5,000 investment into an Interactive Agency lead to $2.8 million in sales.

Of course, Marquis Residences signed with LGD Interactive & Social Media for our full service offering.

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