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Social Search and Google +1: Vegas Style

By June 21, 2011February 26th, 2020No Comments

After returning from a smokin’ aces weekend (A.K.A. Aces smoked me!) in Las Vegas where “proven” in-depth mathematical algorithms in roulette, flawless card counting in Blackjack (21 for the dealer again!), and the perfect poker face all failed, I was searching-for-loose-change-on-the-casino-floor thinking about how valuable Google’s +1 new feature will be in the future in regards to social marketing. (I know what you’re thinking: who thinks about Google when they are in Vegas? I DO – I blame it on a severe case of ADD and lack of money – so don’t judge me).

Anyhow, working for an interactive social media agency has provided some impactful numbers in relation to the future of social marketing search caused by, you guessed it, social media.

Google’s Experiment = Google +1 Creation

According to HubSpot, more than 164 million US Adult Internet Users use a search engine (87%), then do product research (78%) and lastly rate those products or services (32%).

When you take those numbers and apply them to Google’s average search volume per second (about 34,000 worldwide of which 46% of those searches are for Info on Products/Services) then add the research that shows around 70% of the links search users click on are organic, not paid, THEN add the fact that 90% of users trust recommendations from people they know = you get what equals to Google’s new +1 ranking.


With Google +1 you will be able to see what friends in your various social networks are recommending: physical locations and venues, Web pages and other information online. In essence, Google +1 takes customizable social search to the next level.

Instead of spending valuable time conducting in-depth online research of reviews and blogs, which don’t cater to those with short search-attention spans (my ADD doesn’t permit me to- OH, HEY, BUTTERFLY!), you can now depend on Google to deliver the same results up front in your searches.

Google +1 In Action

Just imagine for a moment that you are with your cop-car-tiger-stealing “wolf pack,” about to hit Vegas with a full day of pre-meditated organized-chaos – a “Sin List” if you will – of where you will all be creating havoc.

Before you all decide to head out in search of green, papery prey, you do a quick search through your smart phone and notice an interesting little +1 next to some of the locations on your list, and some that aren’t. Upon closer inspection, you notice your Vegas Guru of a friend, Carlos, who practically lives in Vegas (but couldn’t come for gambling reasons, damn that court date!) gives the +1 for Wet Republic but doesn’t give a +1 for Tao Nightclub – both of which made your list.

Pause for a quick huddle with your pack, and you do another smart phone search for different nightclub your Vegas Guru Friend might like. He added a +1 to XS Nightclub instead of Tao. Taking his direction, you change the plans and head to Wet Republic first, then XS Nightclub.

You have the time of your lives – and avoid a missing friend let down – all because of the little +1 seal of approval from your guru friend. Reciprocating the thought for the rest of the packs out there, you give your +1 to the selected venues as well.

And they all lived happily ever after for the rest of their days. The end. Great story, right?

The Moral of the Story

I am very excited for what Google’s +1 has in store for the search world. You could end up saving time (and bail money). Instead of “What Happens In Vegas, Stays in Vegas,” I propose a new phrase:

“Vegas, your wolfpack +1.”