Increasingly, buyers are making their decisions from half a world away. Your project’s onscreen presentation is likely to be the only one they will see before deciding whether to move in or move on.

Conveying the distinctive appeal of a specific place within the confines of a smart phone, tablet or desktop screen is an art unto itself. LGD harnesses the power of the latest technology to offer a suite of tools that get the job done.


More and more, developers are engaging celebrated architects to create buildings that are remarkable in their own right. Digital or 3D rendering is the best, and often the only, way to present these complex designs to the public to drive critical pre-construction sales. LGD Communications offers the most sophisticated visualization services available in the realm of residential real estate.


  • Virtual Tours and Walk-Throughs
  • 3D Architectural Renderings
  • images for pre-construction marketing
  • Digital/Aerial Compositing
  • Exterior, Interior and Aerial Imaging
  • Construction Progress Campaigns/Video


  • Bridges gap between architect’s plans and building’s completion
  • Uses latest technology to bring a concept to life
  • Creates a sense of space and ambiance
  • Helps sell the development’s lifestyle and amenities
  • Gives people a tangible vision of what they’re buying