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Following Record Sales, Trump Hollywood Is Now Sold Out

When LGD was brought on board to rebrand Trump Hollywood in December of 2010, we immediately knew it was a property that would move fast. While there were many obstacles to overcome, the overall project was one of the finest we’ve had the pleasure of working with.

To contract 179 residences, worth $276 Million, in just 16 months, is nothing short of amazing. The great success was enough to get a nod from Donald J. Trump himself, as you’ll see below in his congratulatory video to the entire team.

“Congratulations to BH3, the whole development team and everyone working on Trump Hollywood, it’s been an amazing success.” – Donald J. Trump, Owner and CEO of the Trump Organization.

Including prior sales, the grand total reached 200 residences, sold in excess of $306 Million – an amazing figure that “just goes to show that with a great product at an incomparable value, record sales can be achieved in even the toughest economic times,” said Gregory Freedman, partner in BH3, the developer of Trump Hollywood.

(Re)Building The Trump Hollywood Brand

Trump Hollywood’s beginnings were off to a rocky start, further complicated by the daunting challenge of launching the super-luxurious tower into an economy that had suddenly run out of steam. When LGD was brought on to be the advertising agency of record to rebrand the entire project, we had our work cut out for us.

LGD’s Scope of Work included:

• A brand-new, multilingual website:
• Traditional marketing/advertising
• Media buying and management (print & digital)
• Social media marketing/management
• Email marketing
• International advertising/outreach
• Branding (logo, position line, print collateral)
• Call/Conversion Tracking

Our vertically integrated approach meant more work could get done faster, and all while remaining completely brand consistent throughout and tracking each of our efforts for conversion and reach.

The worldwide initiative devised by LGD utilized social media and Internet marketing to reach an affluent, global audience. The Trump Hollywood branding made calculated use of the Trump identity, voiced with more subtlety than is typical for the brand, in support of the South Florida oceanfront lifestyle. The creative is suffused with a hushed sophistication that takes its cue from the sumptuous interiors designed by the acclaimed firm, Yabu Pushelberg.

By recognizing Trump Hollywood’s distinctive appeal and unprecedented value, we were able to accurately profile the buyer, isolate universal qualities that translated to online behaviors. On-target messaging opened conversations that led to a remarkable conversion rate. Now, little more than a year later, Trump Hollywood is completely sold out to buyers from more than 18 countries.

“It was an honor to work with such an esteemed client like BH3, and we truly look forward to working with them on future projects and new opportunities moving forward,” said Len Dugow, President & Chief Creative Officer of LGD Communications.

Check back here to our blog soon as we announce new endeavors and new projects in the coming months.

Click here to visit the site LGD created for Trump Hollywood