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New Tools for Marketing Luxury Real Estate Let Us Soar Higher and Go Deeper

At LGD, we’ve learned many lessons from successfully marketing high-end real estate. One key takeaway is that for developers and sales teams to successfully weather the ebb and flow of South Florida’s real estate market, they must be open to new luxury real estate marketing technologies.

The marketing landscape changes quickly, and you must adapt to stay competitive.

The future of the digital marketing lives in the blending of great technology and great content, and now luxury real estate developments can enjoy the benefits of both. LGD is proud to share a new 360-degree experience: an all-access virtual tour accessible on all devices including desktops, smartphones, and even virtual reality headsets like the Samsung Gear or Google Cardboard. 

We also sent our drone crew to capture show-stopping aerials around the nearly completed private island development. The result is a rich section of Privé’s website where users can watch high-quality videos and enjoy immersive 360 experiences.

Virtual reality has been around for a few years, but only recently has it made giant strides in cost, convenience and quality. Now, the LGD team is taking full advantage of the technology to present our clients and their sales teams with both an inviting sales gallery experience and a convenient, private experience for users around the globe. 

Never has it been this fast and affordable to elevate your luxury real estate advertising creative and give a potential buyer a personal tour through a home they could soon own. In a matter of days, our team can create an experience like the one above for any room, in any layout, and in any building.

Immersive video and virtual tours can pique buyer interest worldwide, making them feel like they already own the place.

Have a virtual reality headset? Every simulated angle of the tour has a counterpart stepping stone into each space of the residence, showing any angles you wish to view. Just move your head and follow the small 3D indicators within the tour, guiding you from room to room and allowing you to control your journey. 

Life from a Different Angle

Dive into a three-dimensional world with us and step inside South Florida’s Last Private Island. The new marketing technology puts you directly inside a finished model residence at Privé Island, giving you a firsthand perspective of what it will be like to stand inside one of the homes named the #1 most anticipated luxury development in South Florida by Elite Traveler.  

Take a step-by-step tour and experience the luxury features and finishes, dive into the design aesthetic and involve yourself in the whole floor plan of a new model residence from, well, anywhere in the world.  

Once you’ve seen it from a personal perspective, try the bird’s-eye view. With just a click you can zoom out and explore the entire luxury residence and view the floorplan from a top-down perspective, giving you even further insight into the unit. Just click and drag your mouse around the screen to move up and down or side to side and zoom in and out to get a clear view of the finest details.  

A New Era of Luxury Real Estate Marketing

The state of luxury real estate marketing is in a great place. Quality digital content, excellent user experiences and outstanding demographic targeting abilities are bridging the gap between buyer and seller. With the proper strategies, high-end creative and an experienced sales team, your development can move residences regardless of what shape the market is currently in.

If you’re a developer, sales director or real estate broker, contact our team today to see how we can amplify your luxury real estate marketing capabilities from a to z through our holistic and proven marketing capabilities.

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